Make Money On By Finding Your Niche

Make Money On By Finding Your Niche

by RitikaGupta

Make Money On By Finding Your Niche

By finding your Niche, you can really earn handsome sum of money.

You just need to promote yourself as a niche writer to make money on Freelancing. This is because finding your niche is almost equal to finding your expertise but finding your expertise is less valuable until or unless you promote it in front of the clients who are looking for your expertise. You must have seen several profiles of Freelancers who mention their skills and proficiencies in almost every category. This really doesn’t look appealing to the client.


Why Is It Important To Identify Your Niche?

Have you heard of a popular quote “Jack of all trades and master of none”.

This quote directly relates to finding your niche. No one wants to hire any generic writer for a specific job. For example, as a client, if you are looking for a content writer for an IT industry, you would prefer to hire a freelancer from IT background than a freelancer from finance. For such clients, writers with a niche in IT sector will be given priority over others.

Taking another example, if you are a Thyroid patient, whether you would go to a general Physician or some Thyroid specialist? The obvious answer is a Thyroid Specialist. Likewise, in content writing identifying your niche and presenting it beautifully is equally important to earn money.

To give your profile wider exposure you must find your niche and mention it in your profile page headline. The client should see your niche in the first instance. Well, you can highlight your niche not only in the headline but also in your introductory mail, email signatures, and many other places.

Most of the popular brands always prefer to hire writers with a specific niche. If you want to earn more on, identify your niche. Give quality content to the client and try to get good feedback and ratings.

If you don’t have any professional degree and you are finding it tough to find your niche, you can go through contents written by some of the popular writers in different categories and try to find your niche. The articles that look more captivating to you will become your area of niche. You can then start writing on the same field and give fresh content to the client.


Wrapping Up

If article readings aren’t of your interest, you can look for things that you love. You can start writing on categories that you find interesting. Initially, work on the projects that you like and try to give your 100% to satisfy your client.

Analysis of your previous work can also help you to identify your niche. If things aren’t working in your favor, you can collect all of your previous writing works and try to come up with an analysis report of feedback and ratings you got from the client. Think of the areas where your interest is lagging behind. Try to exclude those areas and work on the projects where you get good ratings to get more money from the new clients.

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