Email Marketing as Skills to Earn Money

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Web and digital marketing are crucial for overall web presence. Just like you would have advertised in newspapers and pamphlets about your services or products and distributed flyers, you would need to make efforts in digital marketing as well. Digital marketing has various aspects from personalized messages to social media promotion. One of the most crucial and best lead generating methods is email marketing, in which the service provider or product owner sends hundreds and thousands of messages every day to prospective clients in order to inform them about the latest offers or new launches.


Email Marketing as a Skill

But to be able to send those messages to hundreds and thousands of people is easier said than done. Mail giants like Google and Yahoo are never going to allow more than a few hundred emails to be sent per day. And even if you find a way to bypass that, from where would you get your hands on the enormous amount of data of individuals being targeted in the email marketing campaign? That’s why most of the business owners hire specialized agencies or people with email marketing skills. Not only do they require bulk emails to be sent, they want proper mailers or email content to be designed which would be catchy and attractive at the same time so that no one misses it.

Specialized skills of email marketing can be used by individuals or agencies to send attractive, catchy and useful e-mails to tens of thousands of people at once which if has a conversion rate of even 2%, gives good business to the service provider.


Earning Money from Email Marketing

When it’s a skill so useful, why not take advantage of it and earn some quick bucks without any problem? E-mail marketing as skills to earn money is slowly becoming a trend in the realm of digital marketing where more and more people are focused on just delivering relevant information and creating money. Whether you use your own software or some other licensed customer manager framework, you can use the same simply to feed the database of the customers and then send the bulk e-mail to all intended email-addresses. Also, you would be solely responsible for designing the mailer or the content. On an average, one charges one cent per email sent when the content has been designed by the client. If not, the rate increases to two-three cents per email sent. 10,000 emails are bound to thus get you more than $100-300. Not bad when compared to the work that you’re doing.

Email marketing has a vast scope in the near future because it turns out to be one of the best client and lead generation methods in the digital marketing domain. Thus, relevant skills of email marketing can always be encashed if you have some big names associated with you (huge firms looking to market their services and products with email marketing). Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that email marketing can always give you quick cash without much effort.

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