Email Marketing A New Way For Promotions

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Email Marketing a new way for promotions
Email Marketing is, as the name implies, the use of email for marketing purposes. It involves the use of email for the marketing of a commercial message to the general public. If you are taking a wide view, whenever a company or a business sends an email to a customer or a client can be considered to be an Email Marketingbecause each mail sent helps companies in marketing. Generally, there are different types of mail messages used for this purpose. Most of them are meant to advertise the business. Others may be for soliciting sales. Sometimes, they are sent in donations and they serve another purpose that is the brand awareness among the public as well as loyalty. For Email Marketing, the receivers of the mails are usually from the cold lists or they are the customers or clients. Email Marketing involves:
·         Sending mail messages to the existing customers to gain their trust and to convince them about the brand products etc. so that they keep doing business with the company.
·         The sending of emails to get a new database of customers and also for persuading former customers to make more purchases.
Email Marketing can prove to be a very effective tool if used properly. It can boost your business and it can help you generate a good amount of money from your business. Although there are many benefits of Email Marketing, you can’t simply land there and start sending random messages. It can ruin what you have earned. However, there are some tips that can help you in this regard. You should follow them to do effective Email Marketing:
How to do Email Marketing:
To do the Email Marketing, you need a list of recipients. You can manage your own list which is comprised of your own customers but that would be very limited. So, to reach a wide range of people, you can get other lists as well. These lists are managed by companies whose job is to provide lists for such purposes. You can buy the lists from them and you can send your mails to a wide range of people. Lists can be bought at different prices depending upon
Tips for effective Email Marketing:
1.      Subject of the Email:
The Subject of the email should be an effective one. You should always remember that there is always a risk that the message can be marked as spam.
There are a lot of ways in which you can make your subject line a very impacting one but you need to keep it in mind that you want your list to be useful to you for a long time. First of all, the length of the subject should not exceed 50 characters. It is necessary and if you don’t do that, leave the message alone no one will bother reading even the subject.
The good length of the subject should be kept between 20 and 30 characters and it gets better if it is between 30 and 40. So, you should go to such subject lengths.
For an appealing subject line, you can use the latest News. You can inform your recipients about the current affairs and most of the people will take time to go through that.
How to’s can also serve the purpose as they intrigue the people. If you use the format how to solve a particular problem in the subject and also tell its solution, you will be doing great Email Marketing.
You can offer the recipients something. Offers are always taken up, mostly. So, some offer can serve as a good subject.
Interesting questions can also be utilized for this purpose. You can ask such questions which compel the reader to go through the rest of the mail to find the answer. Such subjects often attract most types of people.
2.      Make your messages perfect.
There is an abbreviation called AIDA. It is for:
Grab the attention of the recipients so that they open your mail.
Start the mail in an interesting way. If it is not interesting, they may delete it without worrying about what the rest of the message is all about.
Mail should be such that it should motivate the recipient.
After going through the mail, the reader or recipient should have enough motivation to take action according to the mail.
Benefits of Email Marketing:
There are many benefits of Email Marketing. Some of these are given below:
·         If done properly, Email Marketing can produce very good results. It is the second most effective online strategy adopted by the marketers. The first one is the search marketing.
·         It is a very cheap way of marketing. As a matter of fact, it can be considered to be the cheapest since there is no paper work involved, no artwork, no handwriting, no addresses and the most of all, no cost for sending the mail. When compared to the traditional methods of marketing, you can figure out easily that it is the cheapest and the fastest method.
·         Those recipients who have subscribed to the mails can be reached by the advertisers easily.
·         Most of the people read their emails and there is a lot of email traffic every day so the email marketers can expect great benefits of their efforts.

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