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Key Secret To Earning Money From Mobile App Designing

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

The demand for latest mobile devices and advanced features has considerably increased in today’s time. New mobile systems, operating on latest OS have come up in the market so the need for mobile app development has increased too.


Around 5 years back, there was only a few OS available in the market like Blackberry, Apple, and Windows but now with so many different OS and mobile devices, the concept of cross-platform apps is getting popular day by day. Thus, Mobile app development is a growing field where a beginner or a professional can earn a handsome sum of money. Let us give a closer look at some of the ways that you can use earn money from mobile app designing and development:


Key Secret To Earning Money From Mobile App Designing

Although, today the Internet world is full of apps with millions of active users who have downloaded the app and are running them successfully but only a few of them have potential to earn money and bring profits to the app developers. The key secret to earning money from app designing is advertising. Taking an example of an app that allows people to play the game called Angry Bird. This app is very famous and its free version came along with an advertising bar. When players click on the advertisement, the app designers earn money. Surprisingly, the actual revenue that comes from the app is quite lower than the revenue generated from the advertisements.


The basic funda to earn money is by advertisements and entertainment. By Entertainment we mean, the capacity of an app to withhold the user for a longer period of time. For a mobile app designer, he or she should make sure that the app is engaging and keep audiences engaged so that they can’t get their eyes off it.


Designing Social Apps And Integrating In-App Purchases To Earn Money

Designing mobile social apps and combining them with in-app purchases is one of the best ways to generate revenue from mobile app designs.


Developing App By Partnering With Influencers

Several mobile app developers have partnered with celebrities and Influencers to promote their app. However, in this case, as an app designer, you will earn less money and the influencers would be paid more but still, this method works great if implemented properly.


Earn Money By Designing Mobile Apps

Google Play store of Android, Apple app store of Apple, Nokia Ovi store for Nokia devices and many more app stores have earned billions of dollars by providing world-class mobile apps to the mobile device users. Designing mobile apps is one of the best ways to advertise, promote, and sell your business’ products and services.


This profession of Mobile app designing doesn’t need much initial investment. You can start with a meager amount and use your talent and skills to provide services that the customers are looking for. For example, Angry Bird gaming app is one of the popular apps that have become favorites of people of all age groups.

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