Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Looking to go on a marketing spree but don’t want to get associated permanently? Then affiliate marketing is just the technique that suits you the best for earning money. Affiliate marketing is a special part of the online marketing in which the affiliates earn money for every customer brought to the service provider. Even though it is much like the referral program offered by almost all the firms, the affiliate marketing and the referral marketing are two completely different domains. Referral marketing might give you more money for each client brought but the affiliate marketing proves to be successful for almost all small and big ventures.


What To Do

Affiliate marketing has various aspects of its own. So yes, it can be done in several ways out of which the most popular are writing reviews (positive of course) and writing about the services or products on a blog site, preferably owned by the affiliate. Affiliate marketing thus if done properly on a website with a bit of SEO, can be rewarding to an unprecedented extent. So, first of all, you need to do the following in order to start as an affiliate-

  1. Own your own website with a significant amount of visitors coming in daily.
  2. Then, sign up for the affiliate program of the firm that you want to partner with.
  3. Next, write about the firm, with its services and products in a positive manner.
  4. After that, sign up for AdSense and display the firm’s advertisements or graphic content to woo the visitors.

For each click and then lead conversion, you earn a good amount of money as a commission. Two-three customer conversions a week can hand you out pretty good rewards and commissions.


Not The Only Way

As said, there is no single way to achieve affiliate marketing. Thus, owning a website is not always necessary, though it is always preferred. You can do affiliate marketing even on social media platforms like Facebook and give a positive review of the product or service, asking others to try. Not just that, videos can be a great help too! Thus if you’re the owner of a video channel like in YouTube and have a few thousand subscriber at least, you can still sign up for the affiliate program of various firms. Let people watch you giving a review of the product or service and invite them to try it. This gives a direct interaction in the virtual mode and impacts the customers a lot. Then giving a link to the site domain or services page, you can redirect viewers to the service provider. A bit long, but easy if you got all the resources!


Affiliate marketing for earning money is being used by many bloggers and YouTube sensations as even the service providers understand that people love to follow and if their star or interest. If you can successfully turn a few of your daily visitors to leads and regular customers of a firm with your affiliate marketing skills, you can earn extra, while getting the marketing experience and credential as well.

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