Earn Money By Website

Earn Money By Website

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Earning money by website is the most professional way of earning money through internet. It comes after freelancing and to some extends it directly comes at the beginning. It is not a matter of joke to earn money by website. One must have proper passion and dedication for doing this because it cannot be done without those two terms. When one is doing freelancing, it is easy in a sense because buyer always tells that what to do and how to do. Buyer will also tell what a freelancer should not do. So, process becomes easy in that case but when one wants to earn money by website, it becomes tough. Freelancing and earning money by website can be compared to jobs and businesses. These two are interrelated. In the same way, earning money by website and freelancing is interrelated. In this case, earning money from website is a business.


If one wants to earn money by website, the first thing will be to do a proper research. Yes, the research will be a huge one and it may take one month minimum. In this research, the person will know what his topic will be. About what he is going to create the website and what are the keywords. Yes, all these are important because at the later time, when there won’t be visitors in the website then all the efforts will ruin in vain so it is always better to think early. After getting all these information, the next step is to decide on which platform the website will be. In this case, the person can hire freelancers for the work but it is always better to do it on your own. If you do it on your own, may be the design won’t be that good and may be you will face some other problems but the benefit will be huge. You will know every details of your site. You can use Joomla, WordPress etc for these. These are easy to use. Then you need to buy a visitor friendly domain name and hosting. Then you are ready to go.


Now, after the launch of your site, you will have to make it enrich with good content. Then and only then you can think of earning. For earning, the best option is to go for ad services like AdSense, bidvertiser, chitika etc. Do not make your site cozy with ads. Make it simple and good to look at. Then you can do affiliate marketing and all other staffs to earn money from your website. Also, you can do domain parking if you want. All these are great processes of earning money basing on website. As a website is like a business, it won’t provide you profit initially. May be you can think that your freelancer friend is earning a huge amount of money by doing freelancing in market places but you are ruining with your website. Don’t worry. Things will change quickly and when you will start to earn, it will be much more and daily earnings.

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