Earn Money By SEO

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Search and Earn
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method which helps in the promotion of a web page or a website to increase its visibility in the search results. It is a way to make the site well structured and appear frequently in the search results page. One of the marketing channels that is considered to be profitable for businesses is to earn money by SEO. Here are some steps that can guide on how to earn money by SEO:
·         Right Keywords should be the main target
The most important thing in SEO is the selection of right keyword. The content should concentrate upon the right keyword and phrases to acquire the targeted traffic from search engines. By focusing on the right keyword that people actually use to search content on search engines, a site can be ranked earlier in search results and thus helps to earn money by SEO.
·         Provide a better offer
Giving the prospects something in return for the action they take on website can be a way to earn money by SEO. The offers provided can range between a free consultation and a contact us service. It can initially cost either time or money but the profits will definitely excel over the costs incurred.
For example if a person or business is interested in any particular service then they can be provided with the free counseling which in turn can provide greater returns in future.
·         Allot a space on social media
In the latest trend to make money by SEO it is important to share it on the social networking sites. This is a way to grab a greater traffic and more number of people visit the sites which in turn is a source to earn money by SEO. Some of the popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can provide not only the increased number of visitors but they can even fetch people who show their interest in the material. Sharing the material on the social media grabs the attention of large number of people in a small span of time.
·         Obtaining Email Addresses
Large number of people generally visits a site once and never returns back. A website should have a good conversion rate and this can be done by obtaining the email address of the visitors. Free sign up on any site requires the visitors to fill in their details which can further be used for email marketing. In today’s era email marketing is considered to be the best way to target people. To earn money by SEO maximum number of email addresses should be captured. This can be done by writing an article which has high value to visitors but incurs low cost.
·         Improving Performance of Websites
Many businesses hesitate in spending money on their websites but spend a huge sum on other marketing channels. This can be a huge mistake because today’s mass can be captured through regular improvement and updations on the websites. Posting the updated data on the website improves the performance of websites and makes the site well structured. This even helps to increase the visibility of websites.
Thus making money from SEO is not difficult if the strategies are implemented properly. These steps if followed can be of great use to earn money by SEO.

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