Earn Money By Freelancing

5 Ways In Which You Can Earn Money By Freelancing

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

One question you are likely to hear, upon introducing people to the idea that they can make money by freelancing, is the one as to what exactly they’d have to do, to earn the money (as freelancers). It is easy to appreciate the concerns of the folks who feel the compulsion to ask this question. After all, those of us who are old enough know that the way the world works is such that you have to provide/add some value, in order to earn money. This is a universal law, and nobody expects the freelancing niche to be free from it: hence the question as to what exactly one has to do (in terms of service provision) in order to make money by freelancing.


5 Ways In Which You Can Earn Money By Freelancing

It emerges that there are (at least) some five ways in which you can earn money as a freelancer. As people figure out more and more ways to ‘crowdsource’ things, more and more ways in which folks can earn money by freelancing are emerging. Thus, in actual fact, the number of ways in which you can earn money as a freelancer are definitely more than the five we are just about to look at. But the five we are just about to look at are the major ways (and the traditional ways), through which you can get cash freelancing. Those include:


Providing Web Development Services

If you visit any of the major freelancing sites like Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour, Guru and UpWork, you will notice that the web development services sections are very busy, typically with thousands of projects at any given time. Some of the skills that can be highly useful here include: HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.


Providing Programming Services

Many people in need of various types of programming services venture into the freelancing sites, in search of service providers capable of helping them. Thus, if you have good programming skills, especially in the programming languages that are currently ‘in fashion,’ you may end up earning some nice sums of money. Some of the skills that may be useful to you here include: Java programming, Visual Basic programming, .Net programming, C++ programming and so on.


Providing Graphic Design Services

Increasingly, people keen on having logos, banners, t-shirts, calendars and other such things designed are venturing into the freelancing sites, in search of people capable of rendering such services. Thus, if you have well developed graphic design skills, you may be in a position to leverage on them in order to earn truly nice sums of money freelancing.


Providing Writing Services

We see thousands of people venturing into the freelancing sites every day, in search of service providers to help them with various types of writing. Those include blog article writing, SEO directory article writing, sales page writing, academic writing and so on. If you have some talent and skills in these areas, you may be in a position to make some cash freelancing.


Providing Data Entry Services

A good number of the data entry jobs posted on the freelancing sites turn out to be less than straightforward: they turn out to be well-veiled scams. Still, there are real and genuine data entry jobs out there. You may be able to earn money through them, if you are able to identify them (distinguish them from the scams), and bid for them successfully.

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