Buying And Selling Domain

Tried And Tested Tips To Earn Money By Buying And Selling Domain

by RitikaGupta

In today’s tech-centric world, Domain names are the hot commodities. Short and length domain names are sold for hundreds of dollars every day.  As a result, it gives a unique opportunity for investors to invest in the domain name. So, just like investing in share market, the domain name is also a solid investment.

Buying And Selling Domain


Building The Best Portfolio

It might take months or years to build a high-quality domain portfolio because you need to look for the most popular names and purchase hundreds of domain names. There are few people who choose the high profile domain names and wait for the names to appreciate in the value over a period of time.


Domain Names – Yes, The Ocean Is Big!

Buying and selling domain can be an adventure for most of them. Though the returns on investment are not instant, this is the best way to earn money when the right time comes. There have been stories about domains that were purchased for $8 a few years back and are now sold for million dollars. It is really adventurous! Do you agree?



It is an ocean so choose the right name that would bring better returns
•    You may have to waste a lot of money
•    You may not find fruitful results immediately
•    How to hit the right direction when you are earning by selling and buying a domain?


Be Focused

There are numerous combinations available and millions of domain names are already registered by someone. There are even new domain name extensions that are coming up recently. So, if you have plans to resell domain name, you must be focused. Start with something you already know E.g.: Pet, technology, home care, healthcare etc. It is going to be easier for you to sell a domain that is valuable to someone in a particular industry. Understand the target audience and start choosing domain names that would sell.

For instance, if you feel there are many takers for law professionals, you can buy domain names that are related to them.


Look For Valuable Domain Name

Domain name is an asset for your buyer so think from his perception and buy a domain that is highly beneficial for others. You must invest in domain names that would make good sense to the buyers. Research is essential so that you can grow your business.


You Can Pick Up The Domain Name Based On The Following Criteria:

•    Generic Name
•    Geographic names
•    Business Names
•    Timely names


Deciding The Price

Once you decide the domain names, you must consider the price. Before buying them you must compare the prices of the domain. You must found out the price of the similar domain names and pay the right price for your domains.


Learn More Before Investing On It

When it comes to investments on domains, you must do your research and learn more about reselling domains. The trend of domain name keeps changing and you should be able to cope up with it.

Earning money by selling and buying domains is not a difficult task if you know what you are doing. Do not expect immediate results but wait for the right sale to happen at the right time!

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