Earn Money By Blog

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
In recent days blogging has become a very famous thing. There are
various reasons behind that. The main reason is it is free. Yes,
people always have interest over free things and when blogging became
free, they entered in this arena like a bang. Before starting the
topic how to earn money by blogging, the first thing which should be
understood is what blogging is and how it is done. So, lets proceed.Blogging is basically having a sub domain under a full domain and that
domain will be yours for all the time. You can make that a digital
diary. That is why blogging was introduced but rapidly it turned into
a thing where there won’t be only daily talks. There will be a lot
more. From then, a blog is very near to a website in many aspects. A
lot of people now try to create blogs to learn web designing. Then
they create their own domain. Anyway, the main thing is how to earn
money by blog.

See, when you will have a blog that means you will have visitors in it
everyday. Visitors are the key here. Compare it with a newspaper. if
there weren’t any reader of a newspaper, could that newspaper be a
success? It is sure that, the newspaper could not be succeeded. It is
the same thing when it is a blog. In this case, the readers are the
visitors. These visitors will make you earn so you will have to do
everything for them so that they come and visit your blog. Now, how
you can earn by their visit that is the key here. There are many ways
by which you can earn through your visitors. The most famous and
highly recommended way is placing ad. Again you can compare your blog
to a newspaper. What is their earning method? It is the
advertisements. Same will go for your blog. You will earn by showing
ads in certain places of your blog. You can worry how you will be able
to get those ads. There are lots of solutions for this and you need
not to worry at all for that. The ad provider of Google is known as
adsense. It is the most famous one and most paying one. When you will
have a good blog with good amount of visitors everyday, you can apply
for their ads and they will provide those to you. Then after placing
their ads, whenever a visitor will click on one of those ads, you will
generate some revenue. It is that simple. Do not try to convince your
visitors to click on ads. They will do it willingly because adsense
provides ads on the same topic of the blog. There are lots of ad
providers except adsense. Some example are bidvertiser, clicksor etc.

Placing ads is not the only way by which you can earn money by blog.
There are lots of other ways like marketing some other product in your
blog. It is known as affiliation.


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