SEO-Friendly Domain Name

How To Choose SEO-Friendly Domain Name

by RitikaGupta

Domain Name is the first and the most important steps to optimizing your website for the SEO. Lots of rumors are going out there. But believe us choosing an SEO-friendly domain name is just one part of strategies that the SEO uses to rank your website.

Before choosing SEO friendly Domain name, you need to first understand, Is Domain Name really important for an SEO?

Well, the answer to this typical question is yes. If you have registered your website domain name, you must be expecting to get good web ranking, sales and services support from your website. But if you really want your domain name to reach out to people in masses, then SEO-friendly SEO domain name is one of the best sources. Domain name is one of the key attributes that search engine use to improve your web ranking.

A right domain name can help your website to target the right people at the right time and at the right place.


How Domain Name Can Contribute To Improving Your SEO Results

By Domain Name, you can promote your business’ brand in an effective manner. A domain name helps people to find your business in the vast world of online marketers. Basically, for a successful online business, it is good to choose domain name while starting your business. The name of your business should coincide with your domain name. If you haven’t done this yet, make sure you choose a domain name that best matches your business name.

One of the key points of choosing your SEO-friendly domain name is branding. Taking an example electronic gadget giant “Samsung.”Do you think, Samsung would register its domain name with stuffing keywords like” best electronic gadgets” etc.? Hopefully, not, Samsung is an established name in the electronic gadgets Industry so it would consider using Samsung products under the domain name.

The other important thing that you can look for while choosing your SEO-friendly domain name is inculcating keywords in the domain name. For example, if you are into an automobile industry, you can go for domain names like, etc.

Make sure; you give priority to the first option first because Google too does the same. If your domain name is brand-centric, then your website is likely to get the higher ranking by the search engine.


Some Useful Tips For Choosing SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Google values its customers, so it considers customers’ interest first. If you are a real online businessman, you will give value to the customers’ expectations too.

  • It should be easy to understand,
  • It should be easily accessible,
  • It shouldn’t give the impression of a spam website, and much more.

How about the length of the domain name? Is it really matters while optimizing your domain name for the SEO?

Well, as of now, no search engine like Google, Yahoo, bing, etc have listed domain name length as one of the attributes to deciding your website ran. So, we can leave this for now and may be in future Google will look into this point as well..

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