Change Java Program Name

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
If you are a mobile phone user and if your phone support java (.jar) program , this post for you to do a small fun . You can change java software name like opera mini 4.2 can be changed Moinsbd or your name . How ? Read this post –What you need :
1) 1 Computer
2) Java program that you want for change name
3) 7zip or winrar or winzip .

How :
1) Create new folder on desktop example java fun .
2) Unzip selected java program on that new folder (java fun) . To unzip just right click on that file , select 7zip or winrar or winzip and then folder where you want to unzip (select new folder “java fun” you create in step 1) .
3) Now open that folder “java fun” and find META-INF > MANIFEST.MF . Now open MANIFEST.MF with notepad .
4) Now in MANIFEST.MF find

MIDlet-1: program name,any name.png,

from this line delete “program name” and on that place write that name you want to see as program name .
Example :

MIDlet-1: moinsbd,any name.png,

But don’t change any name.png .
5) Now again in MANIFEST.MF find

MIDlet-Name: program name

and “program name” change as same as step 4 .
Example :

MIDlet-Name: moinsbd

6) Now save it .
7) Now open that folder “java fun” again and press CTRL + A . All files and folders now marked . Then right click on any one file (all files and folders must be marked) and select send to > compressed zip folder . Now you will see a new zip file . Now rename it “any name.jar” example “moinsbd.jar” .
8) Send it to your phone and install it .

Note :
1) Make a backup file of that program you trying to edit .
2) In MANIFEST.MF don’t change anything else . Otherwise program can’t run or install .
3) You need to have good practice to edit program correctly . So do same task few times .
4) Some time program get damage when compressing or file missing . So check carefully that all files and folders correctly compressed .
5) Do it in your own risk .
6) Symbian operating system supported phone user can install same program many time by changing program name .
7) Do this tricks for personal use only .
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