Become a Freelancer Designer

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Working as a freelancer is the new trend in today’s world, where an alarmingly increasing number of people are sick of their boring nine to five routine job and want to work from the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re an adviser, an accountant, an assistant, a data operator or a call assistant- if you have the skills and a good net connection to connect with the employers, all you need to do is pay attention to the work as you can skip going to the office and save a lot of time by not traveling. You are high on energy as ever and the work gets completed right on time. Another field that might be taken up by a freelancer is a freelance designer. In this post, we discuss how you as an individual can start and become a freelance designer.


Working as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer means that you would not be permanently hired by a firm. But that is the only disadvantage of working as a freelancer– that you would need to work regularly to earn and the time you stop working, you do not earn and moreover, there is no security of the job or task that you are assigned. However, the advantages are many. When you work as a freelance designer, you can design for more than one firm and can give advice or show drafts to many more. As you are working independently, you do not need to answer anyone but yourself. You would be able to choose the working hours of the day for yourself and can easily take a break whenever you need. No long travels to the work, no waiting for the food. Now those are some of the many advantages that you enjoy while you work as a freelance designer.


Becoming a Freelancer Designer

Becoming a freelance designer is easier said than done as one have to set up many things before starting off on a professional project. So before you even try to do so, let’s have a look where to start. First of all, you would need to get a decent enough rig that would be compatible with at least three of the top designing software currently present in the market. Then you would need to make the final step which is done by all freelance workers– to register themselves with a strong portfolio. Registration on a freelancing site with a strong portfolio lets the employers know what kind of work and commitment they can expect from you.


Force be With You

It’s not just about the skills; it is about the creativity and the ability to think completely out of the box to bring in crazy yet uniquely innovative ideas. A picture speaks a thousand words and so does a meaningful art. A good designer would understand that and remain dedicated to the work. After being thorough with the knowledge required to become a freelance designer, you can start of to work as a freelancer or even start your own business and provide some of the best designers to the clients worldwide.

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