Become A Blogger And Earn At The Comfort Of Your Home

by RitikaGupta

We all have that one friend or relative in our social circle that is a blogger. Now, even though we don’t exactly get what their job profile is or what they do for a living. I am sure you know that they make some real money. If you too have the flair of writing and are extremely passionate about something be it fashion, cooking, parenting, home décor it can be anything that you have a keen interest about. A blog is your personal online space where you share your experiences with the world. Once your site starts generating good traffic, then you can earn money through it. Here, are five ways that you can do so.


1. Collaborations
Once you have a steady traffic on your blog. Big brands and companies come to such bloggers to sponsor their products or campaigns. You get to feature their work on your blog for a paid price. For example, if you blog about food then a home delivery company would take the help of your blog to spread the word around and generate customers. Hence you can charge them for the blog post depending on the reach of your website.


2. Reviews
As a blogger, you will review many products to help your audience to make a sound decision. A lot of time brands will even pay to do a good review about their products. Which one can do in exchange for money, but make sure to tell your readers that it is a sponsored post? So, they are fully aware of the authenticity of your website.


3. Guest Blogging
Once you become a notable online entity, then you alone can generate a lot of traffic. Writing for other blogs or online magazines as a guest blogger will help them generate readers as well. This way you can promote your blog and earn through it too.


4. Advertisements
As a blog is your personal corner of the internet, you can showcase it any way you want. With the help of Google AdSense, one can put advertisements on their websites. Per click, you receive money that goes straight into your account. Like this you not only promote other websites but also make some money out of it.


5. Consultancy
As a blogger, you have full and complete knowledge about the niche you are writing about. You can help provide consultancy to new bloggers or your niche related business. For example, you blog about travel then you can provide consultancy to a travel agency. Helping them to make travel packages for their customers. But do make sure that you are fully aware of the industry you are catering.


Now, is the best time to explore your hobby? Initially, you don’t even have to invest any money into your blog. Just sign up to WordPress for free and start typing. If you are truly passionate about something, then don’t hesitate. Who knows that this one little step can turn your hobby into a full-time job?

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