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by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

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Being a freelancer having a wide range of online projects with thousands of others like you makes it a bit difficult for you to stand out prominently, don’t you agree? You should definitely agree.
Now, what makes a client go for a particular freelancer is an attractive profile. There is no other method which can be used by the client to judge which freelancer is better than the other. It is your profile that distinguishes you from the others. So, your profile is really important. You need to have a great profile to have better chance it being hired by someone.
For this, here are a few tips that might be helpful or you can say that these tips are actually helpful if followed properly:
1.      Check for spelling mistakes. Make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes in your profile. If there is some mistake like that, it highly downgrades you and it affects your freelancing career a lot.
2.      Give them info about your previous good record. Use the links showing the client what you have done previously. Place all the things that act positively for you in front of the reader. Use all the material you have to give the best impression of yourself.
3.      Create a perfect first impression. As the saying goes “First impression is the last impression” and you have no more than 0.1 seconds to create a perfect first and the lasting impression. Use some intriguing title which attracts the clients. Use a lot of related keywords so that you don’t miss any search results.
4.      Some people use professional looking logos as their profile picture. This is not recommended. You should use your own picture. Although the picture does not affect the way you carry out your projects, still it grabs the attention of the clients while logos cannot generate this effect.
5.      To give proof of what you are skilled at. You may be a very skilled freelancer but if you don’t have any proof, how will people know how good you are. So, you should consider getting certificates. You can take online tests. There are various freelancer sites where you can take a test and they give you a certificate.
6.      Get yourself identified. There are many online tools. You can use those tools to build an identity for yourself as a freelancer. Yours Identity helps you in creating a good profile on
7.      Never forget the use of keywords. If you do so, your skills and everything will be wasted. Just think about it. If you are a client and you want to search for a freelancer with your skills, how will you do that? You will enter the keywords in the search box and those people will show up who have mentioned those keywords in their profiles. So, you should use all the keywords that are related to your field of expertise and don’t miss any of them even if they are similar.
8.      Do not expect too much. If you do so, you will be disappointed. You won’t be getting clients like Google but keep working and it will get you some long term clients who can become a permanent source of money for you. You can also expect to hone your skills in a particular project. Your expectations should be reasonable and as time passes by, you will find some real big deals for you. Until then, you have to keep working with commitment.

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