A True Aspect Of Freelancing World

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Earning money from online is not so hard now. Also it is not so easy.

Just need some skill to prove that you can and give your best.

There are many way to earn money. Such as-

By your own Website / Blog ,

Website Development,

Software / Application Programing,

Graphics Design and much more.

Many people thought that data entry, clicking on ads etc is

outsourcing. It is Wrong. It’s fully wrong. It’s just a part of

outsourcing. There are many more things.

It’s true that with data entry & PTC (pay to click) you can earn some

money but there are a lot of scam sites available. So better is that

you try something else.

So why not you earn a risk free income!

What you have to do?

Try to find your own skills. Means what is best for you.

What you can?

If you get it, try to learn that more deeply, practice more and make a

lot of sample to show others. You did it? Ok now show those samples to

buyer. If your samples have something that proves you are the best. It

is sure that you will be hired soon. Also you can show your creativity

by making & designing websites or blogs. There a lot of free websites

creation site. Like,, Upload

your content on any of them, make it searchable on search engine, and

show to people. Also add information that how anyone can hire you.

In, UpWork etc have hire me button. Also you can use

it on your website. So people can hire you.

What’s to do if you get some job:

Get a job? Read buyer provided description again and again; complete

it as soon as possible. Also if you have any question or suggestion

about the project, talk with your buyer. Make it with your best

creativity. You have to believe that you can, you have to make your

best design, and you have to prove yourself.

Yes, You Will Win.

Wishing your best of luck.

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