A Short Guide To Setup Your Freelance Team

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
Ever you thought when a freelancerer make a team? And why?If you want to make a team to take your freelancing performance one
step ahead then at first you have to know why you need team. Then have
take plan for team and team activity.In career time when a freelancerer doing more best and to do more best
sometimes need team. Also for many reasons need team.Some Reasons To Make Team:

* Have a lot project and not possible to do your own.
* More and More Projects.
* Passive Income
* Social Recognition
* A big team can show higher result, higher performance and high
quality projects result.
* A team can complete big task shortly.
* A team can show best result.

Remember “Together You Can Build Your Dream”

And for Team Member Note:

* Leverage your network to find great talent.
* Every members target must be same.
* Every member must have believe inside.
* Need Attitude to help each other.
* Issues about manager must be solved. Means need trust able manager
who know what to do and how to do. How manage team.
* All member must be good enough on Communication.
* Job must have the correct Combination.
* Members will be obvious role.
* Will make the right decisions all the time.
* All team members have to finish there task on time.
* All team members have to know the value of time.

These subjects may have little discrepancy. Performance and experience
can be utilized to overcome it wins . . . . . . . .

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