7 Online Freelance Marketplaces

The Top 7 Online Freelance Marketplaces With Competitive Edge

by RitikaGupta

It has become incredibly easy to start your own company if you have a reasonable budget, an innovative idea and a reliable resource to hunt down the best talents. There are millions of freelancers who are experts in their own field are waiting to get hired for their next job. The freelance marketplace offers equal opportunity for the business and the freelancers to grow.


Break The Limits! Here You Find No Restrictions!

If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur, you can choose the best talent out of the millions to get your job done in a creative way. You don’t have to commit a full-time job for one person, but you have the freedom to work with many young and old talents to improve your business.

And if you’re a freelancer, you can enjoy working with different companies, businesses, and agencies. You don’t have to report to the same boring boss all time! Do what you love the most, and there is no one to restrict you from doing any job.


Here We Present You The Top 7 Online Freelance Marketplaces That Are Unique On Their Own


99Designs – Enjoy The Professional And Friendly Competition

This is design marketplace that pays the freelancer upon completion of a design project. Here the companies look for different designs for their ideas, and this is suitable for aspiring designers who can impress their clients with their designs.

Link: 99designs


Clarity – A Real Money Making Marketplace

This connects experts with companies that look for reliable, quick and professional advice through voice chat. This work is suitable for all the freelancers who excel in their field. Getting approved in clarity is a big deal however once you get approved; you will get a great flow of income.

Link: Clarity


Fiverr – Competitive Marketplace For Small Tasks

This is a big marketplace that looks for freelancers who can work really fast. Companies and agencies get their work done quickly. If you have excellent knowledge in any field and can get things working real quickly, you can choose this marketplace.

Link: Fiverr


Gigster – For Application Development

It hires well experience, well focused, trained and efficient professionals for application development. Companies such as IBM, MasterCard, AirBus and other top notch companies hire freelancers from this marketplace. Freelancers must be ready to work as a group to complete the project.

Link: Gigster


HubStaff Talent – A Free Platform With Diverse Job Opportunities

If you are tired of paying service charges and fee on other websites, you could join this marketplace which doesn’t charge fees. Once you get your client, you can get paid in a convenient way.

Link: Hubstaff Talent


Nubelo – Only Spanish Others, Please Excuse!

Your ability to read and write Spanish will help you get a job on this marketplace. You can get a part-time or full-time job based on your preference.

Link: Nubelo


Toptal – A Professional Environment

Yes, you have to go through 5 stages of screening before you search for jobs on this marketplace. There are live screening, language and personality checks, series of test and more giving you a professional makeover.

Link: Toptal


Each marketplace is different and spending time on each marketplace will help you to understand the best one for you! Happy freelancing!!

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